Manufacture many types of Filters

Filter Kleen is known for executing the persistence required to manufacture quality filter products. All filters manufactured by Filter Kleen are made in America..Learn More

Any size of order can be placed.

Filter Kleen has been manufacturing for distributors and resellers of all sizes for over 30 years. There is also a limited retail offering on Amazon in smaller quantities which are available immediately. We are constantly growing and changing. Learn More

Specialty Products

We are always available to make prototypes and discuss specialty filters upon request.Learn More

Quality Filters made in America

We are a New England manufacturer involved in making sediment and contamination filters. Being around for a long time, we have extensive experience with filtration systems and know what it takes to get results

Filters are usually interchangeable and work differently depending on the core, material and temperature it will be exposed to.

Please see the chart on the “Products” page if you need help in deciphering what filter type would work best with the environment it is being used in.

The world is evermore focused on the environment. Our filters are guaranteed to be made with quality and accountability in mind. You can always be sure you are getting filters of the highest quality standards along with the regulated results of being made in America.

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