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What is the difference between blown and wound filters?

Blown filters are one solid form.  They separate sediment of a particular size, but are not as productive at removing many types of contaminants.

Wound filters are a wound material that generally varies in spacing and are less symmetrical. This causes the filter to be able to collect various sizes and types of undesired contaminants. Some coloration of fluids and other difficult items cling to the wound material.

Can items be shipped using different couriers?

We are not limited to shipping products with any one source. We use UPS, Fed-X and other carriers as requested. Modern day demands require this flexibility and we do our best to accommodate all needs. We do follow strict packaging standards. Any specialty packaging will incur extra costs.

Are products manufactured in the United States?

Filter Kleen is proud to say all manufacturing is done in the United States as well as sourcing of all raw materials.

Some completed “specialty” filters do require outside sourcing.